The filtering system, with various models adaptable to all "MOVISTICK" injectors, is especially designed for filtering brines of low to medium viscosity.

In the tank’s interior two reciprocating sets of baskets (pre-filter and filter) receive the return brine from the injector, collecting meat particles and fibers present in this brine. A safety filter connected to the suction retains all the accumulation of solubilized fibers that have formed after passing through the system of baskets.

During the working day it will be necessary to clean these filtering baskets, a procedure that can be done without interrupting the injection process, since the baskets are cleaned individually in such a way that while one set of baskets is being cleaned, the return brine is diverted to the other set of baskets. 


Double set of filtering baskets with pre-filter and filter.

Card safety filter.

Withdrawal box for meat particles coming from the injector’s pre-filter.

Easy disassembly for cleaning and sanitation.

Connection to injector by mean of quick connector. 


Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please consult with "PANACOM LTD".