The continuous double clipper Mod. "PC-2 CLIPPER" has been specially designed to operate in combination with the "TWINVAC PC-2" stuffer, offering, for the first time ever, the possibility of stuffing with double clipping any type of piece, from individual pieces up to large-sized bars for slicing, with overspreading, in production lines of small to medium capacity. Allows for the processing of collagenic and fibrous casings, as well as multilayer plastic casings. The continuous clipper  Mod. "PC-2 CLIPPER" is equipped with an external horn which guarantees the elimination of the air occluded between the meat and the casing in large caliber products.


Fully pneumatic operation.

Clipping Head POLY-CLIP  PDC– F800.

Suitable for clips Mod. S 835, S 840 and S 844 from POLY-CLIP

External horn with vacuum  connection for occluded air elimination in large calibers.

Adjustable mechanical casing brake.

Mechanically adjustable overspreading between 0 and 300 mm.

Portioning by electric signal from the stuffer.

Easy transport and positioning with height-adjustable wheels.

Easy access for cleaning and sanitation.


Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please, consult with "PANACOM LTD".