Enzyme Preparations





Yoghurt Texture Improvement


ACTIVA YG – AJINOMOTO’s Transglutaminase preparation for yoghurt applications

  • Reduces costs by replacing/reducing the added protein powder and/or stabilizers
  • Increases the viscosity/gel strength of both stirred and set yoghurt
  • Reduces syneresis and gives a smooth surface
  • Improves creaminess in low fat yoghurt


Increased yoghurt viscosity with ACTIVA YG

Standard yoghurt production usually demands the addition of proteins. These high additional raw material costs can be reduced by using our Transglutaminase preparation ACTIVA YG.

ACTIVA YG crosslinks milk proteins (mainly casein) resulting in a very stable, strong protein network. This strong protein network leads to a higher viscosity and less syneresis in the yoghurt, therefore lowering the protein addition.