Located in Girona, Spain, and founded in 1971, „METALQUIMIA” is considered by its customers all over the world to be a global leader in the technology and manufacture of complete turn-key lined for the production of cooked and marinated meat products.

From the very beginning, „METALQUIMIA” has been dedicated to technological innovation, with the goal of maximum quality and recognized service in all its products, which can now be found in the world’s most important meat processing plants.

Right from the start, „METALQUIMIA” specialized in offering „custom-made” technological solutions for manufacturing cooked meat products, based on a philosophy of constant innovation, service excellence and total quality.

At the present time „METALQUIMIA” has the most advanced technology for manufacturing cooked and marinated meat products, incorporating continuous processing lines, with maximum automation, total control of processing parameters, traceability, high productivity, working ergonomics, easy maintenance, hygienic design and maximum cleaning and sanitation easiness, durability, of course, profitability.

Virtual plant design, for meat processing and process engineering, research and analysis in our central laboratories, Pilot Plant for industrial research and development of your new meat products, exclusive workshop for the construction of prototypes, bibliographic service and technological know-how, training of your technical and technological personnel, production management and technological consultancy, marketing studies, formulation and preparation of brines and additives, etc. …are, among others, some of the added value services „METALQUIMIA” offers its customers.

METALQUIMIA”  is the only supplier that is a specialist in each and every phase of the process, offering its customers worldwide an integral solution and a total guarantee for the manufacture of their meat products with production lines that are versatile and highly automated, hygienic, safe, respectful of the environment and designed to reduce production costs, thereby improving competitiveness in the world meat industry.