Vanguard thermal food processing technology

"FDC COOKLINE" by "METALQUIMIA", the latest in cooking/cooling systems for meat products and ready-to-eat food pasteurization that unites, in a totally integrated processing system, the operations of moulding, cooking, chilling and demoulding in an entirely automatic and continuous flow line. The exclusive forced & diffused convection operating system of COOKLINE maximizes heat exchange and optimizes thermal efficiency of the process, providing an effective reduction in energy costs and a cooking/cooling process with high regularity, resulting in a microbiologically safer food product of high organoleptic quality. It is the most modern, productive, versatile, compact, efficient, safe, clean and profitable cooking/pasteurization system, in the world food market, for processing food products with completely proven vanguard technology.


  • For the cooking & chilling of meat products
  • For the “ready-to-eat” food products pasteurizing
  • Compact and integral cook & chill process
  • Automation: maximum from moulding to demoulding
  • Automation: reduces loading and unloading downtime
  • Automation: minimizes manpower and prevents human errors
  • Safety: guarantees organoleptic quality of the end product
  • Safety: guarantees microbiological quality of the end product
  • Total versatility: multimould formats and traditional moulds
  • Versatility: easy of incorporating new project and formats
  • Versatility: in the implantation (already in-place structures)
  • Savings: improvement of energy costs, water and manpower
  • Assures consistency and regularity of the thermal process
  • Maximizes thermal transfer
  • On-line control and traceability of the cook & chill process
  • Management of thermal cooking/pasteurization parameters
  • Maximum easiness of cleaning and sanitation
  • Full accessibility and very easy maintenance
  • Modular design for future growth
  • METALQUIMIA’S state-of –the-art technology


Forced Diffuse Thermal Convection (FDC) and Divided Boiler: Considerably increases recirculation velocity and temperature distribution. Minimizes all fluid-dynamic and thermal bottlenecks inside the boiler. Maximizes thermal transfer between the heating agent and the product. Improves efficiency of the cooking and cooling process, resulting in growing productivities (depending on mould type and formats). Provides great thermal regularity throughout the entire boiler, guaranteeing the organoleptic quality and microbiological safety of the finished food product. All of the above add up to a greatly reduced energy cost of the process. Boiler divided in two chambers, indispensable for forced convection operation, which enormously improves thermal and fluid-dynamic homogeneity, eliminating bottlenecks of the heating fluid.  

Central Control: Central control computer system with ON-LINE register of the whole technical process parameters (operation variables, thermal parameters, pasteurization values, process graphics, etc.). Programmable cooking/cooling process cycles for each type of product and cooking/cooling cycle. Maximum traceability with recording of all operations performed on the different products. Preventive maintenance assistant and malfunctioning self-diagnose.  

Boilers Layout: Allows for modular growth (in-line or face-to-face boilers). Very easy access to all parts and mechanisms, which enormously simplifies maintenance procedures without being detrimental to the integral performance of the equipment. No need for pulleys or elevated platforms. Less floor space required and reduced volume of equipment, tubing accessories and auxiliary items is needed if compared with traditional systems.

 Lateral Loading: Allows for versatility of moulds (conventional multimould and moulds, optimized multimould, etc.). Allows multidiverse format operation. Increased speed in processes of loading and unloading the boiler – automation. Reduced loading height eliminates the need for pulleys or hoisting equipment. Lateral door with high safety hermetic closure. Easy access to interior components for maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.

Loading Robot and Optimized Multimoulds: Allows for the loading of different kinds of containers, making the system one of universal use in any branch of the food processing industry. Optimal use of Transversal Flow Multimoulds (ConviMold model) with conduits that optimize forced convection, maximize energy efficiency and homogenize thermal regularity.

Direct Steam Feeding and External Accumulation Tanks: Quick achievement of the desired Core Temperature. 100% use of the Steam Energy (Enthalpy), as it is mixed directly with the cooking water by means of injection, eliminating the losses associated with the transfer of steam-water heat in heat exchangers. Individually protected steam nozzle for each chamber (overheating is avoided). External accumulation tanks for optimum cooking/cooling cycle management. 


Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please, consult with "PANACOM LTD".