Fish industry

The wide experience of our partners built over the years has enabled us to offer unlimited possibilities for individual customer projects, and wide range of competitive and high quality products for the general fish industry.

Our knowledge and experience in the fish industry is wide and versatile and includes:

  • Solid expertise in flavoring of marinated fish products, smoked fish, fish cans, fish delicacies and salads, and many others;
  • Functional additives for sauces, mayonnaise, dressings for fish specialties;
  • Decorative spice mixtures for smoked fish;
  • Flavorings and coloring agents;
  • Liquid and dry marinades for fish and seafood;
  • Maturing agents;
  • Preservatives and functional additives;
  • Flavors for salads and brines;
  • Spice mixtures for fish and seafood;
  • Breading mixtures for fish products;
  • Additives, flavorings and sauces for fish cans;

Our technological team is working hard in order to always be informed about the latest market trends and have the possibility to offer to our customers innovative recipes and solutions, with unforgettable taste and guaranteed quality.