The automatic self-cleaning "FR-30" and "FR-31" filters, adaptable to all "MOVISTICK" and "AUVISTICK" injectors, are specially designed for filtering low and medium viscosity brines or marinades.

In the brine tank, four ("FR-30") or six ("FR-31") security filters, connected to the injector suction inlet, retain all the fibers that have passed through the mesh pre-filter.

During the working shift, these security filters may need a cleaning procedure. This can be done without stopping injection, as the cartridges may be individually cleaned in such a way that while a cartridge is being washed, filtration can continue with the others.

The low quantity of brine required and its automatic level control permit a maximum utilization of the brine.


Cylindrical mesh pre-filter.

Safety filters.

Withdrawal box for meat chunks coming from the injector in the prefilter for their subsequent utilization.

Easy disassembly for cleaning and sanitation.

Connection to injector through quick connector.


Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please consult with "PANACOM LTD".