hukki logoFounded in 1908 "HUCKFELDT & THORLICHEN" has been in business for over 100 years. The company is a family owned business in the third generation. Coming from the traditional HUKKI -silk-casing "HUCKFELDT & THORLICHEN" developed strong products to run on automatic stuffers.

Thanks to its innovation, "HUKKI" maintain unique market dominance in the market segment for casings for upscale service deli products.  

The combination of textile tube and fine collagen film produces good elasticity and high strength. The permeable sausage casing cuts down the drying time. The netted casing produces a unique slice shape and an appearance that stands out in the self-service deli case as well as at the service deli counter. Using "HUKKI" casings is one way consumers can uniquely identify their popular products on the shelf.


HUKKI PLAIN - Diameter: 40-200

HUKKI NET - Diameter: 40-145

HUKKI HITCH - Diameter: 45-175

HUKKI HONEYCOMB - Diameter: 65-175

HUKKI LARGE HONEYCOMB - Diameter: 80-175