Modular solution that provides an environment with controlled access of personnel and visitors by means of their electronic identification. 

Integration of multiple identification technologies, with specialization in RFID, providing exhaustive control of access to plant facilities.

Management of access to facilities, cleanrooms, offices and meeting rooms; integration with vending machines, prepaid restaurant systems; management of lockers and cabinets; controlled access to parking areas and barriers, etc.

The IDFOOD Presence and Communication module provides for carrying out all daily management of company personnel and communicating with the RRHH system for the management of payroll and overtime, absences, holiday requests, knowing who is present in facility locations and generating reports in the event of evacuation.


  • Greater control and safety in facilities.
  • Automation of access procedures.
  • Automatic generation of attendance reports of internal staff and external visitors.
  • Better control and safety for external workers and visitors.
  • Reduction of absenteeism.
  • Automatic generation of on-site personnel list in the event of evacuation.
  • Automation of employee work management.
  • Possibility of reducing energy costs through relation between on-site personnel and automated monitoring of the building.