The automatic tenderizing and pre-massaging unit, the "BLADEHAMMER", is made of two single units that interact with the meat, causing a synergic tenderizing/stretching effect on the muscular fibers, significantly increasing the myofibrillar protein extraction surface (tenderizing) as well as multiplying the interfibrillar free spaces allowing for the brine to enter these spaces during the first steps of massaging (hammer effect). This revolutionary process results in an important reduction of total massaging time and consequently an increase of productivity of the massaging machines, increased cooking yield, increased slicing yield, highly improved meat texture and greater intermuscular binding in the cooked meat products treated with this new technology.


Fully hydraulic motion of the heads.

Adjustable conveyor belt feed, assuring a complete tenderization and hammering homogeneity.

Adaptable to different blade types, depending on product, by means of interchangeable blade heads.

Adjustable hammering cycles, intensity and pressure.

The action of each one of the heads can be stopped independently.

Total recovery of drained brine

Very easy access for maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.


Can be coupled to injector models "MOVISTICK 30PC", "MOVISTICK 60PC", "MOVISTICK 120/3000", "MOVISTICK 3000" and "MOVISTICK 4500".

Production capacity depends on the characteristics of the product and the production line. Please consult with "PANACOM LTD".