"QUINTAMID" - The multi-layer shrinkable casing made from oriented polyamide and polyethylene


"QUINTAMID" casings produced by company "KALLE HUNGARIA" meet perfectly the EU requirements.

The long shelf life of the meat products filled in "QUINTAMID" is due to its 5-layer structure (two oxygen and three water vapor barrier layer) which prevents the product from admission of oxygen and bacteria and loss of water.

If the meat and processing parameters are suitable, "QUINTAMID" casing can be used for meat products which need a long (approximately 90 days) shelf life. The filled product keeps the original tightness, color and flavor until the end of shelf life.

"QUINTAMID" casing is more and more widely spread within meat industry for cold meat, leberwurst, ham and for other meat products. Due to the very good formability "QUINTAMID" is also the best choice for making ring casings.

Beside the traditional application is meat industry "QUINTAMID" is also suitable for sterilized products such as animal food or luncheon meat with 180 days of required shelf life.

In addition to the wide range of possibilities it can also be used in the dairy industry for spread cheese where there is no need of soaking before filling.


Cooked products without smoking, products in the need of long shelf life, poultry products, cooked ham in mould, special products, ring form sausages, sterilized products, spread cheese, long-lasting animal food

Delivery program

Calibers: 32-120 mm filled diameter.

Standard colors: clear, white, black, red, crème, light gold, dark gold, bronze, silver, light orange (yellow), dark orange, aubergine, brown, smoke, pink.

Delivery form: 1000 m rolls (1-5 rolls per box depending on caliber) or shirred (25 m standard).

Printing: you can obtain "QUINTAMID" casings printed up to 6 colors even on both sides.


High barrier casing for every king of cooked or sterilized product

Handling and processing


  1. Storage: Store the casings before use in the original packaging in a dry, cool place, avoid exposure to light.
  2. Printing: Depending on the print ink "QUINTAMID" casings are printable without corona treatment, but they can be treated to achieve optimal adhesion. Be careful, overtreating may damage the casing surface. Avoid to high drying temperature. Avoid high line pressure of the guiding and printing rolls. Pack the printed roll back into the original packaging to avoid exposure to light.
  3. Shirring: For good results, use oil in the shirring process, don’t use water.
  4. Soaking: Proper soaking (15-30 minutes in cold water) before filling is needed to reach the recommended diameter and to achieve good appearance.
  5. Filling: Water should be drawn out from the casing, because water residual could deteriorate meat properties. The filling has the greatest influence on the appearance, so you have to fill the bar stuff, avoiding air inclusion, to the recommended diameter. Some filling swell greatly during cooking. You can fill the bar under the recommended diameter in these cases.
  6. Clipping: "QUINTAMID" casings are to be clipped easily with clipping automats as well as manual clipping equipment.
  7. Cooking: Products filled into "QUINTAMID" casing can be cooked at usual temperatures (e.g. 72°C core temperature). The casings can also be sterilized at 120°C. After cooking the product can be cooled by water sprinkle until 25°C core temperature to achieve longer shelf life.