Meat industry

The dynamic and competitive meat industry requires the constant generation of new ideas and innovative concepts. The market demands extreme flexibility and adaptability, adequacy and innovation, which is a big challenge for the individual producer. Through our partners, “PANACOM LTD” provides a wide portfolio of high quality products and technological solutions that guarantee your ability to offer the right product at the right time for every individual segment of the market.        

Our technological team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists that are able to offer specific solutions, recipes and ideas, taking into consideration your production processes, capacities and individual preferences.

We, at company “PANACOM LTD”, strive to offer high quality products and reliable services and in the same time access to the latest trends in the technological development of the market.

PANACOM LTD” is your most secure path to success.       

PANACOM LTD” offers a wide portfolio of products, consisting of:

  • Spice mixtures for cold cuts and sausages 
  • Complete products for cold cuts and sausages 
  • Spice mixtures and complete products for liver pate 
  • Spice mixtures for fryers 
  • Spice mixtures and complete products for cooked salami
  • Spice mixtures for raw dry salami and raw dry ham
  • Complete products for raw dry salami and raw dry ham
  • Starter cultures for raw dry salami
  • Products for surface treatment of raw dry salami and raw dry ham 
  • Preparations for cooked ham
  • Flavor enhancers 
  • Color development agents and color stabilizers 
  • Aids for freshness preservation and longer shelf-life 
  • Coloring agents 
  • Emulsifiers, thickeners, binding and stabilization agents 
  • Animal proteins
  • Tenderizers 
  • Gelatin-based products 
  • Décor and barbeque spice mixtures
  • Breading preparations
  • Liquid marinols
  • Spice and vegetable flavors
  • Meat flavors 
  • Aromatic blends for meat specialties