Supermarkets & Catering

Inspire your clients! Apart from the taste characteristics, the culinary creativity is also a very important factor for attracting customers. The exquisite culinary creations and the perfect taste undoubtedly bring satisfaction to the customer.  No matter if it is a traditional dish, exotic or spicy delicacy – we will provide you with the correct solution for your needs. 

  • Wide range of flavorings and spice mixtures for different meat products
  • Liquid and dry marinades for meat and fish
  • Decorative spice mixtures
  • Breading mixtures
  • Additives
  • Wide range of flavorings  for different type of fish and fish salads
  • Variety of preparations for meat products (sausages, minced meat products, etc.)
  • Preparation of delicacy products such as rolls, skewers, roulade, etc.
  • Wide range of spice mixtures for meat and fish ready-to-eat dishes
  • Equipment – tumbling machines, dicers, packaging centers, etc.